J L Hall is an award-winning Scottish writer currently living and breathing her narrative non-fiction nature writing book on finding hope by walking in nature. She is proud to be an own voices writer; she lives with PTSD

Her essays, short stories, life writing, travel writing, and poetry have been published in anthologies including 24 Stories, Tempest, A Narrative Map, AM Heath/TLC Reads anthologies, plus the forthcoming A Wild and Precious Life, Rebel Alliance, New Voices Press 2020, and Declaration of Arbroath anthologies, and online at Booksbywomen.org, Imustbeoff.com, and in the The Mechanics’ Institute Review¬†podcast.

She is the author of  Wild Soul Walks, a nature writing and well-being photo-blog and resource.


In 2018, J L Hall was the winner of the I Must Be Off! Travel Writing Competition. She has been the finalist in several national writing prizes: the Emerging Writer Award (The Bridge Awards) at Moniack Mhor, the Flash 500 Novel Opening Chapter and Synopsis Competition, the Impress New Writers Prize, the Lucy Cavendish College Fiction Prize.

J L Hall lives with her partner by the sea in Edinburgh where beach-combing and photography inspire her nature writing. She teaches creative writing, and is a writing coach and editor, and she travels to near and far flung shores whenever she can. She is currently seeking representation.